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How to Move When You Have Pets?

Dear Fellow Pet Owner,

Last year I helped dozens of people move to their new homes without leaving the dog or the cat behind.

I run an animal shelter and to be honest, I was getting tired of taking in perfectly good pets just because their owners were moving. Most of these great animals did not find a new home.

The adopting public wants puppies and kittens, specific breeds, and often, a certain color. They want a pet they can "bond" with, or simply control, and tend to believe that older pets can't do that. Furthermore, "pre-owned" pets usually do not measure up to a picky public's demands... too big, too small, hair too long or too short, hides in a corner, growls or hisses, or any number of complaints, blaming a frightened pet for its shortcomings during stress.

It was breaking my heart to see so many broken hearts. So I came up with a number of ways to make the move more doable and keep everybody together.

How to Get "Moving With Pets"

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When I first started this work, I remember a typical couple: John and Tina had to move because his company transferred him to another state, and they brought their 8-year-old dog and 2 adult cats to the shelter. It was a sad day for all, but their pets were devastated. John and Tina were moving on to a new life. But their pets ended up in cages, wondering what the heck happened.

The dog pined away and died within a few months, despite all we did to save him.

Amazingly, the cats got adopted (very rare in this area), but they ran away from their new homes the first week. No one knows what became of them, but statistically, I can tell you the chances of a housecat surviving on its own are extremely slim.

I know that because I have rescued many abandoned cats whose owners left them behind to "go wild." Most of them died of starvation or injury. Too far gone by the time I found them, I could do nothing.

That's why I began my "take your pet with you" program. Now, more cats and dogs are staying with their families.

Still, not everyone can do this. That's why I included a chapter on how to surrender them.

Hint: Never just show up at the shelter at the last minute on moving day and expect them to have room for your pet on the spot. It takes preparation to take in a new resident at a shelter. Some shelters have cages or kennels available, but don't count on it. Most shelters are overwhelmed and overcrowded as more and more animals than ever are being abandoned and surrendered because their owners can't or won't take care of them.

If someone demands the pet be taken in immediately, it leaves the shelter little choice but to euthanize them immediately, and the owner will have to pay for that in advance.

Sadly, some people feel it is too expensive or unfair to give the shelter any money for a pet they will never see again. But the reality is that shelters must receive donations in order to remain in operation.

That's another reason why I wrote this ebook. Our shelter needs the money, and the pets need someone to look out for them.

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Becky Holmes

"Lots of good solid information on how to prepare your pet for a move. This ebook gives good tips for before, during and after your move. Thanks for showing me ways that I can make my pets more comfortable in what can be a very stressful time. I know the checklist will come in handy on my upcoming move!"

"With sure-pawed wit and elegant wisdom, Ms. Peters presents a comprehensive and readable guide to easier moves for you AND your pets. I learned a lot from this book! There were several tips I had not thought of or learned from reading or experience, but will definitely use during our next move."

From Blizzard, Rosebud, Grace Alice, Sparky, Kathleen, Joe Bob and Judy Graham, Omaha, Nebraska

"This book is a must read for anyone considering leaving a pet behind when/if they have to move. As an Animal Control Officer for over 17 years I see a lot of people leaving their pets because they are moving. Some do come back for their animals, but even more just can't see how they'll manage the move with pets and end up leaving them permanently. If you or someone you know is planning a move, and they have pets, read this book before you go!"

MJ Manning
Camden County Animal Control
Camden County, Georgia

I have always been interested in helping people and their pets learn to live happily together, and have dedicated my life to saving as many pets as possible through rescue, but more importantly, through education so people can rescue their own - by not having to relinquish them.

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The best to you and your furry friends,

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