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"How can I get along with my cat?"

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Comments about How to Make Your Cat Adore You:
  • From Genna: Thank you so much, I loved the book! I wasn't having a problem cat or anything like that, I don't even have a cat yet!! I am going to get one in a few weeks though, and I just wanted to make sure I know how to treat it right and what NOT to do. Your book was perfect for that and helped me understand even better what having a kitty is all about. Thank you so much, I'd recommend it to anyone who asked.

  • From Rachel: First I'd like to thank you for completely changing my relationship with my cat! Things had been going very steadily downhill since I adopted my american curl cat, Abira, a little over a month ago. I'd often lose our 'tiffs' for my lack of claws and sharp teeth.Right after I put your advice into practice, it's like a reset switch had been pressed and now I have a kitty that adores me! Thank you for everything! Now what I need to know is how to unglue a cat from you when work needs to be done..

Do You Have a Problem Cat?

Most problems related to feline behavior can be traced to one very basic concept: A cat is not a dog! Because dogs are more easily trained according to human expectations and methods, cats are already set up to fail. They can be taught to do most of the same things that dogs do, but the training methods are very different - so different, that people who try to "control" a cat are going to be disappointed, or even angry.

While the idea that a cat is not a dog seems quite obvious, it's always amazing that so many people still try to force dog training on cats. When they fail, who do they blame? Themselves? Oh no. They blame the cat.

And thus, many cats end up at shelters, pounds, and humane societies. But many more wind up thrown out of the house to fend for themselves. Or they find themselves "relocated" to rural areas, where they are expected to "go wild." Most of them wind up DEAD.

This web site exists to help people understand their cats better, so both parties, feline and human, can better learn to coexist and in the end, find happiness and contentment.

Perhaps some bit of information here will help those who just wish to get along with someone they know - a friend, spouse or roommate - who has a feline companion.

Or maybe a particular problem seems insurmountable to someone just starting out with their first kitty. If you can't seem to make things go right, come here, and if you can't find the answer on these pages, drop us a line and ask.

Hopefully, existing cat lovers will find some of our content here to be useful, too. We will strive to find the best links to cover as many bases as possible. While we do that, this site will remain a work in progress, and kind suggestions and requests are welcome.

make your cat adore you

In the meantime, if you would like to learn how to make your cat, or cats, love you - even adore you - this book will explain how to achieve a loving, affectionate and cooperative relationship with your kitty.
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our amazing cats

The cats in these stories didn't make headlines and weren't mentioned on the 10 o'clock news, but their lives have been no less amazing, inspiring, adventurous and humorous than their famous counterparts.
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